Want to be part of UCLA Dragon Boat? Join us! Our next recruitment cycle begins Fall 2021!

To stay updated regarding tryouts and events, please follow our Facebook and sign up for our email list! Learn more about the tryout process below.

All UCLA students are welcome to try out regardless of fitness level or experience! We will teach you all you need to know and help you get stronger! 

With the state of the world today, we have decided to cancel tryouts for this year and will resume Fall 2021. Tryouts consist of land tryouts to evaluate general fitness, pool tryouts to teach you what you need to know for boat tryouts, and a barbecue to get to know the team and other tryoutees. There will be an infosession week 1 of Fall quarter 2021 for more information. Follow our Facebook and sign up for our email list to keep up-to-date on changes. 

Once on the team, you will be expected to attend land practices and gym sessions throughout the week in addition to boat tryouts on weekends at Mother's Beach. We hope to see you at tryouts and look forward to you joining our UCLADB family. 

For general questions, please refer to the FAQ page, message us on Facebook or email us at

Check out this video to learn more about dragon boat and our team!